Priority Policy Objectives

DATE : 2008-12-08

HITS : 2027

The Fifth National Forest Plan (2008~2017)

I. Integrated management and development of multi-functional forest resources
1. Reinforce implementation of SFM on both the national and the field level
2. Develop carbon strategies to address climate change
3. Strengthen support tools for enhancing forest public benefits
4. Sustainable development of forest resources
5. Strengthen infrastructure for resources development and management

II. Promotion of renewable forest industry and competitiveness
6. Develop environmentally sound timber industry
7. Enhance competitiveness of non-timber products and promote regional industry cluster
8. Reinforce driving factors for emerging developments in biotechnology and environmental technology
9. Increase competitiveness of private forest and establish secure basis for forestry income
10. Promote forestry export and effectively address forest-related trade negotiations

III. Conservation and management of forest as national terrestrial resource
11. Establish balanced forest land management system
12. Conserve forest biodiversity and promote healthy ecosystem
13. Conserve the core of Korean ecosystem specifically the Baekdudaegan Mountains
14. Prevent and address forest disasters under scientific basis
15. Conserve and enhance forest landscape

IV. Development of greenspace and services for quality life
16. Create more greenspace in urban areas
17. Expand recreational and cultural services according to public needs
18. Create environment favorable for hiking and other mountain sports
19. Strengthen role of the forest in social aspects and create job opportunities
20. Reinforce public service functions of national forest
21. Promote mountain villages as multi-functional community

V. Reinforcement of international cooperation for resources development and global forest conservation
22. Increase resources collaboration and overseas plantation
23. Promote cooperation for combating desertification and global forest conservation
24. Strengthen multilateral cooperation
25. Strengthen inter-Korean forest cooperation including forest rehabilitation support for DPRK