3rd JSC on Korea-Indonesia REDD+ Joint Project
  • DATE2015-04-06
  • HITS3358

The third meeting of the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) on Korea-Indonesia FMU/REDD+ Joint Project in Tasik Besar Serkap" was held on April 1 in Kampar, Riau Province, Indonesia where the Joint Project is being carried out.

The JSC meeting has been taking place annually since the initiation of the REDD+ Joint Project in 2012. Consisting of concerned officers from both the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia and the Korea Forest Service, JSC is the core body of making important decisions on the project implementation.

The third meeting offered great opportunities for all participants to review the recent progress and step forwards to future plans for 2015. Further, they put heads together to find out effective ways of sharing experience and knowledge gained from project activities and expressed their continued commitments to a successful implementation of this REDD+ joint project aiming at contributing to tropical forest conservation and sustainable forest management.

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