Director General, Forest Training Institute of the Korea Forest ServiceThe Forest Training Institute of the Korea Forest Service is the only forest-related professional education institution in Korea. It is aiming to lead green growth and milestone achievements in the forest sector.

Our educational ideology is to 'Plant trees looking ahead 10 years and cultivate people looking ahead 100 years'. Based on this, we are promoting capacity building of forest professionals and skilled forest workers and it is an essential factor to cope with the growing competitiveness in the world. Forest public officials and People involved in forestry must face the challenges with new ideas.

Forest Training Institute will contribute to building forest professionals who could deal withl changing global issues in terms of climate change response. overseas forest resources development, increase in forest value and use. We will also help strengthen capabilities of the forest public officials in forest ecosystem conservation and disaster control through enhancing education programmes on conservation forest ecosystem biodiversity, forest disaster control, and forest welfare. Based on Korea's experiences of successful forest rehabilitation, we will invigorate international education and exchange programmes.

I commit to undertake my duties to contribute to capacity building of forest professionals and provide better programmes. We would greatily appreciate your active participation and continuous support.
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