Park, Hyun, Ph. D. President
Dear Distinguished Citizens,
Welcome you to the NIFoS website.
I am pleased to serve as the 23rd President of the National Institute of Forest Science. Thank you for visiting our website, and you are always welcome here!

The National Institute of Forest Science strives to create future forest values based on the 100-year history of forest science research.

Recently, forests have become a significant core value in social, environmental, and economic sectors along with eco-friendly issues. Therefore, I would like to share three crucial points that the National Institute of Forest Science should go forward and foster the value of forest resources.

First, the National Institute of Forest Science actively endorses the Korean version of the New Deal, the Digital New Deal and the Green New Deal, and aims to become a leading institution for forest New Deal.

Second, for the sustainable future, we will increase the utilization of forest and wood resources to forward the role of the forest sector in realizing "Net Zero Emissions by 2050."

Third, we will lead the leap of the forest industry by developing a comprehensive business model through the link between forest bio-resources research and service industry.

The National Institute of Forest Science will create fruitful research results by blending science technology and social science. We are committed to becoming a research institute for the nation and the people.

I ask for your continued interest and support.

Thank you!

2021.2.5 Park Hyun

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