The Northern Regional Office of Forest Service communicates and cooperates with Seoul, Gyeonggi-do and seventy-four cities, states and provinces of Western Kangwon region by newly rendering forest administrative frameworks.
We also take a leading role in diverse forest policy realization, particularly in forest resources, forest disaster as well as forest welfare.

Recently, forestry sectors such as the increase of returning farmers, clean forest products, demand for recreation and healing activities, response to fine dust, inter-Korean forestry cooperation and forest-related jobs have been gained national attention; and also have raised citizens' demand for needs of the role of the state.

Based on National Forest Management, we will promote the circular forest economy to stimulate the regional economy, and we will safely keep our citizens' lives and properties from forest disasters by working closely together with relevant organizations.
Also, creating urban green spaces and forest welfare services will allow people to enjoy a forest full of happiness.

We truly expect our brand new website to serve you as a window for providing information as well as to hear your opinions carefully.

Thank you.

Choi Su Cheon

Director General of Northern Regional Office of Forest Service

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