Bae Jae-Soo, Ph. D. President
We sincerely welcome you to the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS).Founded in 1949, NIFoS exceptionally aims to develop and disseminate forest science and technology. From August 2022, we envision improving the world with forests, science and technology.

Today we face many challenges in achieving our vision. We conduct long-term research to comprehend the various functions of forests, implement sustainable forest management, enhance local peoples and foresters' livelihood, prevent and monitor forest-related disasters with science, improve human well-being with forest welfare services, and design international forest cooperation plans. All our research relies on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and digital transformation.

NIFoS will continuously make efforts to lead and contribute to the world with influential research.

We kindly ask for your attention and support.
Thank you.

February 9, 2023 President of the National Institute of Forest Science Bae, Jae Soo

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