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The National Forest Seed and Variety Center is always open to you. I would like to extend a sincere welcome to all of you to our dynamic website.

The National Forest Seed Variety Center is an agency affiliated with the Korea Forest service. The National Forest Seed Variety Center was launched on August 12, 2008 as a result of an expansion and reorganization of the Forest Seed Research Center of Korea Forest Research Institute. The National Forest Seed Variety Center is charged with the forward looking mission to create Green Growth by protecting varieties and managing forest resources.

To accomplish this goal of Green Growth, The National Forest Seed Variety Center performs the following duties - establishing an early stage system for forest plant seed protection, supporting individual breeders, promoting examination, registration and application for seed and variety protection, as well as other consultative services.

The National Forest Seed Variety Center also produces and distributes improved seed and seedlings from its seed orchards, the main source of such forest resources in Korea, where Elite Trees have been cultivated since 1968. In doing this, the National Forest Seed Variety Center has established a national management system for forest seed and varieties. We are also playing a significant role in approving export of genetic resources from the perspective of conservation management of forest resources. The National Forest Seed Variety Center also conducts systematic management in mapping DNA fingerprints of its genetic resources, distributing and exploiting these resources.

We are doing our utmost to create a driving force of Green Growth in the 21st century.

We have revised our web site to provide visitors with useful information in regard to application of variety protection, and use of genetic resources and improved seed and seedlings. We will do our best to earn your trust and confidence.
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