Hiking in the woods
As of 2010, 'forest for people' was created in 151 national forests with 611,000 people frequenting them. They are open to the public with a view to sharing the recreational and cultural benefits of forest and for promoting the voluntary participation of the public. There are four types of 'forest for people' according to its activities and objectives. For example, forest kindergartens are created under forests for fellowship. Currently 398 of them are in operation and open to kids with 82,990 children having participated. As a result of their popularity, new forest kindergartens are being created nationwide.
Forests for People Table

This is Forests for People table.

Type North Participant Activities
Forest for Fellowship 60 schools, organizations, groups( more than 30 persons) or social clubs(more than 20 persons) forest tending or forest cultural activities
Forest for Experience 77 individuals or families forest tending, forest protection, learning from nature or forest cultural activities
Forest for Adventure forest sports clubs mountain biking, marathon, horse riding, paragliding, mountain skiing or other mountain sports
Forest for Contribution - public cooperates or governmental investment organizations public forest projects
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