To secure long-term timber supply, the KFS initiated overseas plantalions In 1993 and managed to plant over 228,000 ha in total as of 2010. In light of further plantations, a master plan on overseas forest resources development for 2008-2017 was developed at the end of 2007, and 250,000 ha of plantation is scheduled to be established in total. The area of overseas plantation in 2008, 2009 and 2010 was 38,000 ha, 28,000 ha, 28,000 ha and 21,000, respectively.

The KFS continues its efforts to expand overseas plantalions to 1 million ha by 2050 to meet the domestic demand for timber. Overseas plantation projects are centered around the following activities: 11 industrial plantalion for securing stable timber supply; 21 plantation for carbon credits and 31 bioenergy plantation for securing biodiesel and other bioenergy sources.

Again, the KFS is making continued efforts through bilateral agreements on forest cooperation to ensure investment safety and promote overseas forest resources development, thereby contributing to stabilizing domestic timber supply, improving capability of addressing climate change and enhancing national competitiveness through overseas forest resources development as a new driver towards green growth.

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