Since the Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) raised a need in 1994 to develop criteria and indicators of SFM in the course of its study on sustainable management of forest resources, many efforts took place to develop SFM criteria and indicators suitable for Korean environment. In 2004, the KFS finally developed 7 criteria and 28 indicators and publicly announced them in 2005.

  • Criteria 1 : conservation of biodiversity
  • Criteria 2 : maintenance of productive capacity of forest ecosystems
  • Criteria 3 : maintenance of forest ecosystem vitality and health
  • Criteria 4 : conservation and maintenance of soil and water resources
  • Criteria 5 : maintenance of forest contribution to global carbon cycles
  • Criteria 6 : maintenance and enhancement of long-term multiple socio-economical benefits
  • Criteria 7 : legal, institutional and economical frameworks for forest conservation and sustainable management
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