'Forest Sustainability Index'(FSI) is a quantitative score used to indicate the overall quality and conditions of SFM. This takes into consideration environmental, social and economic conditions at the local and national levels.

Forest Sustainability Index Table

This is Forest Sustainability Index table.

Assessment Part (Indicator) Indicators (19)
Forest Health
(6 indicators)
Area of forest/ Percent of mature forest area / Percent of arboretum area / Area of forest genetic resources reserves / Forest tending area/ Area of healthy forest
Economic Value
(7 indicators)
Percent of potential production area for timber/ Growing stock of potential production area for timber / Percent of forest area under SFM plan / forest production amount per ha / Ratio of annual cutting to annual growth increment / Percent of budget in the forest sector / Forest contribution to GDP
Public Value
(6 indicators)
Precent of protection forest area / Carbon storage in forest biomass / Carbon budget in forest biomass / Recreation forest area per thousand population / Urban forest area per thousand population / Percent of forestry employment in economically active population
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