The Forest Law was enacted in 1961 to promote forest protection and forest development as well as to enhance forest productive and public functions. The Forest Law was abolished and replaced by newly established Acts. Aside from the primary Acts, the KFS has enacted other forest laws since then. There are 14 laws relating to forests and forestry currently in effect.

Forest Law Table

This is Forest Law table.

Law Enactment Date Download
Act on the Management and Improvement of Carbon Sink Fed.22,2012 Due to copyright restrictions, we are not authorized to display the contents.
The full texts of statutes can be found on the website statutes of the Republic of Korea at
Framework Act on Forest Mar. 24, 2001 (revised in 2009)
Act on Promotion and Management of Forest Resources Aug. 4, 2005 (revised in 2010)
Act on Promotion of Forestry and Mountain Villages Apr. 10, 1997 (revised in 2010)
Act on National Forestry Cooperatives Federation Jan. 4, 1980 (revised in 2007)
Act on Structural Improvement of National Forest Cooperatives Federation Aug. 3, 2008 (revised in 2010)
Forest Land Management Act Dec. 30,2002 (revised in 2009)
Act on National Forest Management Aug. 4, 2005 (revised in 2010)
Act on Forest Culture and Recreation Aug. 4, 2005 (revised in 2007)
Act on Protection of BaekduDaegan Mountains System Dec. 31, 2003 (revised in 2009)
Act on Establishment and Promotion of Forest Arboretum Mar. 28, 2001 (revised in 2009)
Erosion Control Act Jan. 15 1962 (revised in 2008)
Act on Pine Wilt Disease Prevention May 31, 2005 (revised in 2010)
Act on Distribution of Special Employees for Forest Protection Feb. 9, 1963 (revised in 2006)
Act on Forest Protection Jun. 9, 2009
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