Forest Bath
Forests attract people with cooler temperature, fragrances, green color and beautiful figures of trees. Sterilizing action (phytoncide) of volatile plants purifies air in the forests and it is good for health. Forest bath is the health-improving activity while leaving your body and mind in the forest, using forest facilities (facility planning), moving your body (walking in the forest), and enjoying yourselves.

What is forest bath?

It is an easy method for people of all ages to improve health in casual clothes with good air-permeability and high hygroscopicity. Taking a walk in the dense forest, breathing in or exposing the skin into fresh air with phytoncide volatilized from the forest will clarify and balance the body and mind.
* Phytoncide is a fragrant substance emitted from a tree in the process of growing to protect itself from bacteria permeating into injuries. It includes disinfectant elements and insecticide.

How to do forest bath

It's good to wear simple casual clothes. Take a rest peacefully or take a walk in the forest and breathe in fresh air and phytoncide and expose the skin.

Best time for forest bath

The best time for forest bath is from the early summer to fall on a clear and not windy day between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
* Coniferous trees such as pine or white pine emit more phytoncide than

Benefits of forest bath

It refreshes bodies and minds, brings composure, and is very good for health. It strengthens functions of hearts and lungs and helps cure asthma and tuberculosis.

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