Baekdu-daegan National Forest Trails

We designate existing damaged hiking trails on Baekdu-daegan as national forest paths and to maintain them systematically in order to prevent forest damage caused by reckless use and to develop a safe mountaineering environment.

Promotion Strategies

Promoting Strategies
Ecosystem preservation To maintain ecological health of Baekdu-daegan through restoration of damaged routes and management of visitors.
To develop safe and pleasant national forest trails by regional groups based on the existing mountaineering routes on Baekdu-daegan.
To contribute to communities by developing experience opportunities using ecosystem, historic and cultural resources.
Role assignment To enhance efficiency in management of national forest trails by establishing partnerships with local governments and the private sector.
To promote sound use of Baekdu-daegan national forest trails by improving mountaineering culture and establishing information networks and monitoring systems.

Promoting Plans

Promoting Plans
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