Mountaineering Routes Research


There are many mountaineering routes, but accurate information about the current status of distribution and damage is not available. Many gradually increasing new bytrails cause problems in managing mountain trails. For this reason, investigation into the current conditions of trails and the damage status is crucial in order to provide correct hiking information and structured maintenance.


The research focuses mainly on routes, location, distance, traffic, damage degree, information centers, convenient facilities, and information about services. Environmental research of flora and fauna and historical, cultural and tourism resources around the trails is also conducted.
Forest trail researchers walk through the forest carrying GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment and check the details of the actual routes and degree of damage. Once this is completed, a national mountaineering map will be printed based on this research. It will be distributed through the Internet or other media.
The research findings will be fundamental for the following projects : establishment of scientific management infrastructure; hiking trail maintenance; expansion of mountaineering facilities.

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