Mountain Leisure and Sports


The demand for mountain leisure and sports has been rising because of the increase in average income, leisure time, interest in dynamic activities and increasing interest in health. The current situation shows a lack of infrastructure and regulation.


Research has been conducted into the current status of mountain activities and resources. It identifies the current condition of the facilities, and it gives the frequency as well as the problems with each activity type, such as mountain marathons and mountain biking. The project establishes facility requirements with related organizations and clubs to support safe activities. By maintaining existing facilities, it provides high availability of facilities and space for mountain activities.

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The project aims to classify existing forest trails based on the forest recreation grade and to apply forest recreation standards to requirements for forest trail facilities. By establishing and maintaining forest trails, it makes them available for mountain activities. In order to give strong support to mountain activities, it aims to establish regional mountain leisure and sports complexes as well as mountain leisure and sports centers linked to national natural recreational forests.

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