Definition of leisure sports

Leisure & Sports
Forest recreation can be defined as "an outdoor recreation activity based upon the forest", and Leports (leisure+sports) are defined as activities to train the body while enjoying leisure time. Mountain leports are sports played in mountains, and are a part of forest recreation activities.

Forest recreation activities

The choices of forest recreation activities performed in Korea can be divided as hiking (wall climbing, tracking, hiking, orienteering), picnic, camping, herb picking, nature study & observation, experiencing beautiful sceneries, skiing (including mountain ski), mountain bike (MTB), para / hang-gliding, off-road (motor cycle, automobile), rafting, mountain marathon, mountain horseback riding, cave exploring, and green tour, ecology tour can also be included.

Mountain leports are mostly adventurous and challenging. And some of them are classified as extreme sports.

Leisure & Sports

Various types of leports

Large increase in demand of leisure resulting from 5-day work week generates various types of leisure activities, such as time-spending, residing, family-oriented, participating, and experiencing. So, aside from visiting mountain villages to experience nature or green tour, demand of ordinary sports such as rafting, mountain bike (MTB), hang-gliding, off-road (motor cycle, automobile), mountain marathon will also considerably increase, creating new types of activities as well.

Effects of mountain leports

It has been reported that the more you participate, the more you get satisfied in life. Generally, sports activities play a crucial role in quality of human life and can ultimately effect self-realization. Not only simply participating in sports, but people in modern society are also interested in sports that can challenge their mental and physical strength to discipline self-control through hard activities in nature. Mountain leports meet the needs of modern people. Surveys show that some of their motives of participating in these activities are to contact with the nature and to have adventures.

Activation of mountain leports activities

To activate the mountain leports activities, it is necessary to supply enough space for participation in these activities. But depending on activities, this may lead to destroy natural environment in certain areas, so continuous caution and prevention of accidents should also be needed. Also, certain activities can lead to negative effect on the local society, so cooperation with the local residents is also indispensable.

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