mountain village
the economic development since the sixties has resulted in the fever of city development and countless national sceneries and cultural artifacts have been destroyed. Mountain areas are located in hinterlands, being able to stay out of the fever and preserve relatively unimpaired natural and cultural resources.
Even though the current economic status is quite poor, bringing inconvenience to the residents, it is fortunate that this area preserves unrecoverable natural resources and cultural heritages.
But this economical inferiority is the main reason for the people to move into cities and the movement of young population is leading to seriously rapid aging societies.
But as the increase in incomes leisure time results in greater demand of rich natural environment and a peaceful life, mountain villages are the only space that can meet the needs. Also, the functions and roles of mountain villages are becoming diversified along with social and economic development.

Mountain village as a field of production
Mountain villages play a traditional role of yielding agricultural and forest products. Along with this traditional farming, they are fields of producing craftworks and regional specialties based on various products in mountainous areas

Mountain village as a base of farming and forestry output
Now the forest production should be based on sustainable and environmentally safe ecosystem. To achieve this, mountain villages should take charge of producing as well as maintaining and protecting functions for forests.

Mountain as a field of life
Current mountain villages are generating employment opportunities through development of forest industries using affluent natural environment, and also provide healthy and lively space to live with its comfortable environment. Such an improvement in the mountain villages creates an attractive settlement space, calls back the people who once moved out and also satisfies the expected living standard of people who gave up farming.

Mountain village as the place of preserving natural environment and ecological resources.
Forests are vulnerable to natural disasters, suffering various harm throughout the year. Managing forests enables to protect forests, conserve the land and well-managed forest ecosystem provides habitats for animals and plants and preserves diverse biological resources. Also, affluent natural ecosystem as well as preservation and multiplication of species according to diversity of life agreement, one of the international environmental regulations, will ensure clean environment and abundant water resources. The protection and multiplication of biological resources in mountain villages in each area will contribute to solving environmental problems such as global warming effect.

Mountain village as a place of recreation and environmental education
5-day work week starting from 2004 provides chances for workers to escape city life and they want to take a rest in nature; mountains, rivers, beaches. This leads to a rapid increase in forest recreation facilities and mountain villages must play this role. Also, increasing needs of farming / mountain village experience tours highlights the crucial roles of providing environmental education and experiences such as ecology tour or green tour.

Supplementing city life and economy
Through balanced development of the country, it will improve city environment and has now become the only place to meet the demand of utilizing land for balanced development. Also providing services and environmentally friendly crops with highly added value produced in immaculate environment the function only the mountain villages have.

Mountain village as the field of cultural education and succession
Cultural resources in cities are now mostly destroyed by increase of population and cities, but the mountain villages still preserve reasonable amount of cultural and natural resources. Since these places preserve these cultural assets, it provides a crucial role. Also, by using these forest resources well, it provides a field of experiencing education.

Mountain village as performing the role of global protection
World efforts to preserve national environments and the policies are active, but through the enhancement of forests will increase oxygen provision and will improve air qualities by filtering. The mountain villages can play this role.

Consequently, the existence of mountain villages to play these roles is an absolutereason.

mountain village
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