Protected Trees in Korea
What are protected trees?Our ancestors inherited the beautiful country with history of 5,000 years to us. But many old or weak trees have died because the our environment has been destroyed by industrial and living pollutants due to industrial development and overpopulation of cities.
So we have designated and protected 11,573 trees among many beautiful trees our ancestors inherited throughout the whole country. They deserve to be specially protected and preserved because they are over 100 years old, big, or rare. And some of them are folk trees that have legends since time immemorial.
These protected trees (nurse-trees) are not only the national heritage from our ancestors but also our treasure we have to inherit to our descendants as the national spirit. Whenever we look at nurse trees around us, we think of and praise the strong spirit of trees. We should protect them with much more care and devotion to foster them as a valuable heritage of our country.

Standard of Designating Nurse Trees

Purpose of designation :

Preservation and maintenance of genes and species of plants or natural ecosystem

Person in charge of designation :

Mayor, provincial governor, or director of the local office of Forestry

Basis :

Articles 67 to 70 inclusive of the Forestry Law

Standard of designation (Item 1, Article 51 of the Forestry Law Enforcement Regulations)

Trees which deserve to be preserved or propagated as old, big, or rare trees;
e.i. Old trees of historical interest, preservative trees, trees of guardian deity, trees serving as a shady resting place in a village, trees for shore protection, fantastic trees, and ornamental trees

Maintenance of Protected Trees (Article 68 of the Forestry Law)

The person in charge of designation can appoint a supervisor, if need be, and order owners or supervisors for matters about preservation, maintenance and inauguration.

Standard of Revocation of Nurse Trees (Article 69 of the Forestry Law)

In case that there is no reason for retention due to attaining the purpose of designation
In case that revocation of designation is inevitable to build power plants or communication or broadcasting facilities

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