Forest Management Capacity-Building for Climate Change Adaptation

The capacity-building project for 2013~2016 aimed to improve the forest management and climate change adaptation in Central Arid Area in Myanmar. The project site is located near to Buddhist heritage sites in Bagan.

Major project activities include plantation on 240 ha, management of planted sites on 600 ha, consulting on nursery maintenance and sapling production, technical advice (expert secondment), facility supply and maintenance, education and invitatory training and joint research. This project could be referred as a best practice for degraded dry land restoration.

  • Project site
    Project site

    Project site

  • Visitor Center in Tunak
    Visitor Center in Tunak

    Visitor Center in Tunak

REDD+ Pilot Project

The Korea-Myanmar REDD+ Pilot Project slated for 2016~2018 aims to register in VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and CCBA (Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance), build REDD+ capacity, consult for REDD+ policy and improve the quality of life by creating local incomes.

In 2014 a forest carbon inventory was conducted in the selected project site. For moving forward, the ROD was signed in 2015 and the pilot project kicked off from June 2016 with the organization of the project management team.

Native Plant Inventory and Collection

The Korea National Arboretum (KNA) of KFS established a MOU with the Forestry Department of Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry of Myanmar for scientific cooperation and joint research. KNA carried out a native plant inventory and collection in Myanmar first in Shwe Set Taw Wildlife Sanctuary in the central arid region and published a pictorial book of Myanmar native flora in the three languages, English, Myanmarese, and Korean. Further in Nat Ma Taung National Park also conducted a native plant inventory and collection in 2015. Both searched area are categorized in biodiversity hot spot.

In 2017 KNA plans to introduce native plants of Myanmar into Korea and put them on exhibition as well.

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