REDD+ Pilot Project

Since the selection of a candidate site on Kampong Thom in 2014, the Korea- Cambodia REDD+ Pilot Project has been developed for 2014~2018 with the support of Korea and implemented by Cambodia REDD+ Project Management Unit.

With the aim of registering in VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and CCBA (Climate, Community, & Biodiversity Alliance), building REDD+ capacity, provide consulting and support for REDD+ policy and improve the quality of life by creating local incomes, the MOU was established in 2014 for the project implementation and a feasibility study and short-term training programs were conducted. Further, the project design paper will be prepared with the plan for VCS registration.

Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center

With view of expanding the cooperation between Korea and Mekong basin countries, the MOU on the establishment and operation of the Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center was singed in June 2016 between KFS and the Forestry Administration of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the employment contract of the Director of the Center was also concluded. The idea had been conceived in 2012 and since then, a feasibility study was carried out in 2015 and a basic plan was developed in 2016. The opening ceremony of the Center was officially held in October 2016.

The first Korea-Mekong basin countries meeting is expected to be organized in early 2017 so as to share trends in Mekong basin forests and develop cooperative forest projects.

Center Inauguration Ceremony
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