Korea-Kazakhstan Friendship Garden

As a part of cooperative activities based on the MOU between Korea-Kazakhstan in the field of forestry, the Korea Forest Service is going to build “Korea-Kazakhstan Friendship Garden” in Astana city, which is the capital of Kazakhstan. As detailed design has completed, the construction is expected to start in time. The Garden, which will be located near the presidential palace, will display the elements of traditional Korean gardens such as pavilion and Bullomun gate as well as Korea’s native flowers and plants growing in Kazakhstan. As the first Korean traditional garden to be built in Central Asia, the Friendship Garden will be a symbol of cooperation between the two countries.

For people living in Kazakhstan including about 100,000 resident Koreans, this Garden will be a place to relax and rest. It will also be utilized as a place to promote Korean culture and tradition in the region. Beginning with this Friendship Garden, cooperative areas between the two countries are expected to broaden, especially forest restoration in Aral region and prevention of desertification.

Image view of Korea-Kazakhstan Friendship Garden
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