Korea National Arboretum (KNA)

East Asian Biodiversity Conservation Network (EABCN) is a regional level network to address issues relating to the biodiversity in East Asia. The purpose of this network is to foster good relations for scientific cooperation among the members. EABCN pursues research cooperation for joint conservation effort of biodiversity through project-based researches in the network and also aims to collect data and carry out taxonomic study on biodiversity in East Asia, and monitor biological changes of species in response to climate change, and control non-native invasive species, and exchange of staff members for research and training.

Member organizations: Korea National Arboretum, Botanical Garden-Institute (Russia), Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Japan), Institute of Applied Ecology (Chinese Academy of Sciences), National University of Mongolia, South China Botanical Garden (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Joint Research Topics * Research Duration: 2014-2018

  • Research on the shift of species distribution by climate change
  • Construction of East Asia Integrated Flora
  • Monitoring on exotic plants and building data sharing platform
  • Strengthening the research capacity and human resource training

Activities in 2016

EABCN organized the 7th East Asian Federation of Ecological Society (EAFES) Congress on April 19, 2016, whose title was “Climate change adaptation and plant conservation through vegetation shift monitoring”. Also, EABCN Technical meeting was held on April 20 to check the progress and challenges in implementing its activities as well as to discuss the agenda for the Steering Committee meeting. As a major result, four working groups were established for plant checklist, plant phenology monitoring, publication of plant encyclopedia of East Asia and vegetation monitoring in response to climate change. The EABCN Secretariat and KNA participated in the IUCN World Conservation Congress to do public awareness activities. In addition, “A Review of Progress in implementation of the Korea Strategy for Plant Conservation 2020 by Korea National Arboretum” was published.

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