Korea Forest Service

The Korea Forest Service (KFS) has the overall responsibility for establishment and implementation of forest policies and laws.
The KFS consists of 5 bureaus, 3 departments and 25 divisions
It also has affiliate agencies like the Forest Aviation Headquarters, National Institute of Forest Science, the National Arboretum, and the National Recreation Forest Office. Each province and metropolitan city have their local forestry administrative organizations


Office of Spokesperson

Inter-Korean forest cooperation Division

COVID 19 Emergency Response Team

Forestry Grant Scheme Team

Deputy Minister
  • General Affairs Division

  • Planning and Coordination Bureau

    • Planning and Finance Division

    • Organization and Management Innovation Division

    • Legislative Affairs and Inspection Division

    • ICT Management and Statistics Division

  • International Affairs Bureau

    • International Cooperation Division

    • XV WFC Secretariat

    • Global Forest Resources Division

    • Forestry Trade Division

  • Forest Industry & Policy Bureau

    • Forest Policy Division

    • Forest Resources Division

    • Timber Industry Division

    • Private Forest Support Division

    • National Forest Management Division

    • Forest Job Creation Team

  • Forest Welfare Bureau

    • Forest Welfare Policy Division

    • Forest Recreation and Hiking Division

    • Forest Education and Healing Division

    • Urban Forest and Landscape Division

    • Forest Land Use Policy Division

    • Garden Policy Division

  • Forest Protection Bureau

    • Forest Environment Conservation Division

    • Forest Fire Prevention and Control Division

    • Landslide and Debris Flow Control Division

    • Forest Health Protection Division

    • Department of Arboretum Development Project

    • Forest Ecosystem Restoration Division


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