Towards Green Growth

Korea's new national vision for the forthcoming 60 years is 'Low Carbon Green Growth'. The Korean government has elaborately designed a new paradigm of a green society, aiming to transfer the current energy system inevitably emitting a large amount of greenhouse gases into a low carbon society with high power-efficiency. This forward-looking vision for national development is surely to help address environmental issues including global warming and facilitate sustainable development.

Green Growth and Forest

In realizing Green Growth, forest is the key resource. Notably enough, forest is recognized as a sole carbon sink under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Korean forests sequestered 43 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2009, which accounted for 7% of the total carbon emissions in Korea. Forest also has great potentials in developing green technologies regarding a wide use of forest bioenergy and industrialization of forest bio-resources.

To maximize this forest value as a key resource, Korea has been working on pursuing Green Growth in various fields such as bioenergy technology development, the biotechnology industry, other energy businesses.

The KFS has been implementing forest policies with the view of providing the public with an improved quality of life by offering recreation forests, healing forests and mountaineering services and expanding urban green spaces. As part of the forest policies, it contributed to revitalizing Korea's economic depression, locally referred to as the IMF, by creating green jobs under forest tending projects.

As the country whose successful rehabilitation projects were internationally recognized, Korea continues to take part in global activities addressing climate change and to build a bridge between developed and developing countries through cooperation projects of forest rehabilitation in developing countries. Therefore, Korea can make advances in sustainable development as a green growth model nation.

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