The Korea National Arboretum is on a mission to protect and maintain Gwangneung Forest, which is a core of biodiversity, as well as research, propagate and restore Korean forest biospecies. We are also committed to collect Korean and foreign useful plant resources and conduct research on utilizing them. Forest environmental education programs have been launched to make an institution-wide effort to boost the significance of forest biodiversity and value thorough building thematic gardens based upon research achievements.

All staff members of the KNA will constantly endeavor to preserve Gwangneung Forest which has been protected for centuries. Also, a venue for forest culture and education programs will take place at the thematic gardens of the arboretum underpinned by research achievements. We take pride in the fact that we are a pioneer in Korean forest biospecies research and thus we will make an ongoing effort to deliver excellent performance through conservation and be more welcoming arboretum to the public.

I hope that the information of trees, plants and insects on our website will give you an useful insight into Korean biospecies and the arboretum. I look forward to your support and cooperation.

Thank your for visiting the Korea National Arboretum’s website.

Director General of the Korea National Arboretum

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