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  • Needle Fir Trail

    Needle Fir Trail The needle fir trees in our Needle Fir Trail were first planted in 1927 from the tree seeds grown in Woljeongsa Temple, Odaesan Mountain and the trail is about 200m long. It has history of eighty years and one of the top three needle fir trails in Korea.

  • Lake Yukrim

    Lake Yukrim A small lake nestles in the dense Gwangneung Forest, Lake Yuklim is an artificial freshwater lake. The area of the lake is about 0.3 and there’s a rim trail that circumnavigates the lake where visitors can admire beautiful natural scenery.

  • Forestry Hall of Fame

    Forestry Hall of Fame The Forestry Hall of Fame was established on Arbor Day, April 5, 2001 to honor the accomplishments of those who contributed to the successful forestation of Korea. It presents sculptures of the people who made remarkable achievements in various fields of forestry.

  • Forest Eco Deck

    Forest Eco Deck The Eco Deck was established in 1999 with the support of the LG Evergreen Foundation. It allows visitors to have a closer look at the forest as well as observe the collapsed fir trees.

  • Gwangneung Forest World Biosphere Reserve Sculpture

    Gwangneung Forest World Biosphere Reserve Sculpture The sculpture is to commemorate the designation of Gwangneung Forest as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in June 2010. It depicts the geographical image of the forest.

  • National Forest Award Monument

    National Forest Award Monument The monument commemorates the grand prize of the Second National Forest Contest awarded to Gwangneung Forest.

  • Reforestation Monument

    Reforestation Monument The monument was erected on the 66th Arbor Day, in April 1992 to commemorate the reforestation project (1973-1987), and to praise all participated Koreans for their commitment to the reforestation. The monument is 7.2m in height and made of blue diorite, which signifies forestation. The floor stones are composed of nine locally collected stones which represent the nine provinces of the Korean Peninsula.

  • Charter of Restoration

    Charter of Restoration The Charter of Restoration was raised on the 57th Arbor Day to celebrate the 2002 World Year of Mountains by the United Nations.

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