Professional Learning

The practical professional program offers expertise in design, operation and management of an arboretum. Trainees are provided professional knowledge on horticulture from firsthand training as well as being able to upgrade their know how.

Post Doctoral and post graduate researcher

The KNA provides opportunities to post doctoral and graduate research fellow in order to enhance the knowledge on forest biospecies. We aim to foster talented researchers who have theory and on-site scholarly competence.

Eligibility and Requirements

Post doctoral researcher
  • An unemployed PhD who has not passed five years since the conferment of degree or is in the process of being conferred in following February.
Post graduate researcher
  • An unemployed master who is in the process of being conferred in following February, a PhD student or ABD.

Program Duration

Maximum five years on an annual basis.

*Further details will be announced on our website.

KNA Practical Professional Training Course

Eligibility and Requirements

Those who majored in agriculture and plant science related fields including forestry (forest resources science), botany, biology, agriculture, landscape architecture, crop science or plant resources science.
Minimum one year of academic experience is required.

Course details
Training courses
  • Garden management, arboretum operation and seminars.
Lectures and Practice hours
  • 40 hours per week including lectures and practice hours.
  • On-site practice hours (new gardens in progress, pre-planting sites)
  • Seminars (Gwangneung Forest Seminars)
  • Writing daily, monthly and final reports.
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