Botany Class

General public’s growing interest in plant resources calls for education to inform value and importance of plant resources. The KNA is committed to botanical education for the public by providing various and practical programs.

Location : Tropical Plant Resources Center, KNA
Classes open to the public from early April to late October.
Register at our website. Registration opens every March annually.
Limited to 15-20 participants for each class.
Approximately two or three hours per program.
Fee free but participants may have to pay for material cost for some programs.
All courses can be taken continuously by registering at first.
Please refrain from registering more than two classes at the same time for allowing more involvement from various participants.

Available Programs

  • Plant Taxonomy Class On-site
  • Indoor Mini Gardening Class Ⅰ, Ⅱ
  • Plant Miniature Painting Class (Pencil Drawing)
  • Plant Miniature Painting Class (Colored Pencil Drawing)
  • Native Plants Photography Class
  • Landscape Gardening Drawing Class
  • Gwangneung Forest Birds School
  • Tropical and Subtropical Plants
  • Weekend Plant Miniature Painting for Adults-Beginners
  • Weekend Plant Miniature Painting for Adults-Advanced

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  • Interpretation of Arboretum
    Interpretation of Arboretum

    KNA visitors will get one hour interpretation on forest and museum. Interpretation will be provided depending on the season, whether and various course.

  • Gwangneung Forest Wild Bird Adventure
    Gwangneung Forest Wild Bird Adventure

    This program is to observe birds live in Gwangneung forest. Not only the birds but also the traces of nests and you can also learn on the plants related directly with the birds’ life with the interpretation.

  • Forest Prenatal Program
    Forest Prenatal Program

    This program is for married couples pregnant to relief stress and to give stabilization of mind. It provides easy walk, exercise and meditation and other various detailed programs.

  • Forest Culture Experience Class
    Forest Culture Experience Class

    This is the corner that visitors can make souvenirs themselves and take them. This is not the place where we sell ‘products’, but where you can buy ‘experience’.

  • Audio Interpretation
    Audio Interpretation

    Visitors can view freely with explanations from the free rented audio interpreter. Press the label number listed throughout the arboretum.

  • Green School 1
    Green School
    Happiness Charging Program

    Provide various forest experience education, free of charge and give advantage of admittance including closed days to underprivileged people.

  • Green School 2 One Class Green School (3rd?6th Grade of Primary School)

    Provide intensive forest experience education to participating small groups of primary school class, after-school field class, free activity group, children’s environment group.

  • Green School 3 Amusing Green World (Nursery School)

    Provide long term forest education to nursery school children for yearly participating institutions among applied nursery schools near arboretum on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Green School 4 One Grade Green School (3rd?6th Grade of Primary School)

    Provide forest education to school groups in one-graded unit held in the morning and in the afternoon to primary school students of metropolitan area.

KNA Plant Class

What kind of hobbies related to plants?
Not only simply raising and fertilizing plants, you can also classify based on characteristics and take pictures like professionals, and you can also draw plants in detail.

KNA have opened “plant class” lectured by professionals by study course from March to October. Through this class during 6 months, you can meet various plant related fields, and learn gardening techniques applying indoor plants like succulents.

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  • Plant Classification Course in Field Photograph Class of Native Plants Indoor Horticulture Class using Tropical Plant Detailed drawing Class_color pencil Detailed drawing Class_pencil Decorate Vegetable Garden with Parents

    Various and creative classes will be opened including 「Plant Classification Course in Field」, 「Photograph Class of Native Plants」, 「Indoor Horticulture Class using Tropical Plants」, 「Detailed drawing Class(color pencil)」, 「Detailed drawing Class(pencil)」 for adults, and 「Decorate Vegetable Garden with Parents」 for children with their parents. Deadline for the signing up is end of February, and the classes are free, only the cost of materials are to be paid. If you want more information, please call +82-31-540-2055 or on the website http://www.kna.go.kr

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