Welcome to the cradle of nurturing creative talents for opening the future in the forest.

The Forest Training Institute, situated at the beautiful Gwangneung Forest, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, is a specialized training institution for forestry officers. We aim to cultivate capable foresters who will lead sustainable development through the enhancement, utilization, and conservation of diverse benefits of forests.

Since its establishment in 1978, the Forest Training Institute has propped up the successful national reforestation. We are dedicated to nurturing competent individuals who contribute to making our forests valuable and healthy spaces accessible to everyone.

In response to rapidly changing environmental factors such as climate change and digital transformation, the Forest Education Institute will propel the following:

First, we will strengthen training aimed at enhancing core capabilities that aspiring forestry officials should possess, to nurture competent officials trusted by the public.

Second, we will implement a learning system to provide advanced and diverse professional education in cultivating valuable forest resources, creating jobs and income through the forest, preserving forest ecosystems, and responding to disasters. This system is designed to elevate the on-the-ground performance capability of forestry officers.

Third, through continuous innovation, including the implementation of the latest educational techniques, we will strive to provide quality educational services to trainees and become a benevolent training institution that listens to even the smallest voices.

We sincerely ask for your interest and support.

Thank you.

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