Organization Chart

Director General
  • Education Planning Division
    • Administration Management
    • Education Planning
    • Education Information
    • International Education
  • Forest Disaster Management Training Division
    • Education Support
    • Forest Use Education
    • Forest Resources Education
    • Forest Protection Education
    • Faculty Room

Education Planning Division

Education Planning Division handles tasks related to development of professional knowledge and technology needed in work performance of public officials, experts, forest-owners and others working in the forest sector. It is in charge of development of training programmes, survey and analysis of education process, evaluation of training programmes, establishment of related information system, development of cyber learning contents, international education and supporting for general administration.
Tel +82-31-570-7332

Forest Disaster Management Training Division

Forest Disaster Management Training Division manages the education process for its effective implementation. It handles selection and registration of students, selection for training field for practical/outdoor exercises, selection of instructors, managing education training equipment and tools, publication for education textbook, operating practical/outdoor exercises on forest fire prevention and overall management of training fields and supervision of participants.
Tel +82-3l -570-7413

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