Vision & Goal

Vision : Protector of National Forests, the Foundation for a Healthy Green Natiom
Goal : Zero-Accident Forest Aviation Service Protecting Forests and the Public from Disasters

Key Initiatives

Proactive Service Operation
  • Full response for prevention of forest fires
  • Timely response to aviation disasters
  • Active support for forest projects
  • Prompt rescue services
Promotion of Safety
  • Rigorous basic safety management
  • Removal of risk factors in advance
  • Safety supervision on sites
  • Creation of a pleasant working environment
Reinforcement of Aircraft Maintenance Competency
  • Advancement of integrated maintenance management system
  • Acquisition of advanced skills from foreign countries
  • Development of helicopter maintenance skills
Relocation of Headquarters to Lay the Foundation for a New Take-off
  • Relocation of office and establishment of local storehouse
  • Renewal of mindset for a new take-off
  • Creation of a pleasant working environment

Zero-Accident Forest Aviation Service with Firm Fundamentals

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