Creating value for the sustainable green forest environment

Global warming is aggravating the threats of forest fire, as well as forest pest and disease as it increase their intensity and frequency. The Forest Aviation Headquarters is aggressively dealing with environmental calamities to keep healthy forest ecosystem.

Number one agency for systematic forest fire prevention and control
  • Initial attack system to enable arrival and first response at the fire incident within 30 minutes (Wildfire specialty squad)
  • Forest flight operations information system
  • Standby arrangement of aircraft according to forest fire risks of each region
  • Operation of indirect fire control to protect important cultural assets and private residence clusters
  • Using sea water as alternative water resource (sea snorkel equipment)
  • Advanced forest fire control using infrared camera
  • Accurate fire site condition and fire growth forecasting through FGIS (Forest Geographic Information System)
Aerial spray to control forest pest and disease
  • Aerial spray for pine wilt disease and assistance for forest operations
  • Effective control of forest disease and pest including chestnut trees to increase income
  • Reinforcement of forest resources protection
Creating value for green forests > Saving invaluable lives and assets through fulfilling the noble purpose of protecting forests
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