Creating the future through forest aviation safety

The Forest Aviation Headquarters continues to grow to become the World's safest forest aviation operator based on safe aviation practices. Risk factors of forest aviation and their hazards are identified to establish the scientific safety management program(SMS) which help prevent accidents and provide ideal flight operation.

Systematic knowledge and network development on aviation operation and maintenance technology
  • Sharing of safety information and development of innovation technology through aviation and maintenance association.
  • Implementation of self inspection and improvement of flight operation.
  • Development of the doppler system, auto flight control system.
Reinforcement of international cooperation system through technology transfer of overseas aviation technology
  • Improvement of maintenance quality through continued efforts on enhancement of maintenance tasks and working environment.
  • Adoption of MOU on innovative maintenance techniques with Korea Aerospace University, Korea Coast Guard, and Korea Air Force.
  • International exchanges with USA, China and Australia hosting international symposiums.
Creating value for forest aviation safety > Continues to gorw as the safest forest aviation agency
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