General Affairs Division
  • Human Resources : recruitment, documentation, anti-corruption
  • Administration Management : security, document management, deliberation and analysis, innovation management, public relatioins, construction
  • Accounting : budgeting, accounting, purchasing and management, international purchasing, aircraft insurance, vehicle management, pension, medical insurance
Forest Aviation Division
  • Aviation Planning Team : aviation management, flight command, aviation statistics
  • Disaster Response Team : aerial pest control, aircraft support, operation of smoke-jumpers
  • Flight Crew Team : flight operations, aeronautics, aviation training
  • Air Traffic Control Team : wireless communications
Aviation Maintenance Division
  • Maintenance Support Team : maintenance planning, maintenance budgeting, training program planning, fuel tax management
  • echnical Support Team : maintenance procedure according to manufacturer, technical guidelines for repair renovation, aircraft certification
  • Flight Maintenance Team : equipment operation
  • Heavy Maintenance Team : maintenance of aircraft and removable equipment, equipment operation
  • Material Management Team : defect and cause analysis, aircraft parts management
Aviation Safety Division
  • safety management : safety practices guidance, management of qualification of aviation staffs
  • incident investigation : incident analysis and investigation of flight accidents
  • quality management : quality management of flight operation and maintenance technology
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