The Variety Examination Division and Examination Supporting Division are aimed to achieve "the accurate, fast, and fair examination of varieties and the visiting field consultative service"In order to settle down the system of the Forest Plant Variety Protection that came into force in March, 2008, the Variety Examination Division and Examination Supporting Division are pursuing these major tasks, such as supporting individual breeders, strengthening consultative services for breeders, establishing a information system for the forest plant variety protection, and advancing the system of variety examination through international cooperation with the UPOV members.

Main Tasks

Processing of the application for plant variety protection
  • Examination of applications for variety protection
  • Administration for 'the report of production and selling of a variety'
  • Examination planning and operation
  • Establishment of Web-based integrated information system of application,
    filling, examination, and management of variety protection right.
Examination of the Applied Variety for plant variety protection
  • Examination of requirements for variety protection right
    (Novelty, Distinctiveness, Uniformity, Stability, Denomination)
  • Establishment and revision of Test Guideline(TG) for entitled plant genera and species
  • Registration and management of granted variety protection right
  • Publication of official Gazette
International cooperation with UPOV parties and other international organizations
  • Cooperation in establishment of a UPOV Test Guideline and development of technology for examination
  • 'Field consultative services of variety protection application' for breeders submitting new varieties
  • Education for PVP and training support of Individual breeders to developed country
  • Information activity about forest plant variety protection

Application Examination

Application Examination
Name Tel E-mail
Dr. Kim, Tae Hun +82-43-850-3351 algae@korea.kr
Dr. Kim, Yoon Young +82-43-850-3352 wildflower2@korea.kr
Dr. Cho, Won Bum +82-43-850-3322 rudis99@korea.kr

Variety Protection

Variety Protection
Name Tel E-mail
Dr. Han, Mu Seok +82-43-850-3321 mshan@korea.kr
Woo, Hyo Jin +82-43-850-3319 ecolord@korea.kr
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