The Variety Test Division manages the DUS (Distinctness, Uniformity, Stability) test of applied varieties for fast and accurate examination of the variety protection requirement. The collection and conservation of example and granted varieties, special test such as DNA marker analysis or chemical analysis for the examination of controversial varieties are main tasks of the Variety Test Division.

Main Tasks

DUS Test of the applied variety
  • Test of the variety for examination of Distinctiveness, Uniformity and Stability(DUS)
  • Construction of a qualitative and quantitative database for the varieties that are protected or applied.
  • Cultivation test of characteristics associated with quantity, quality, and stress resistance.
  • Adaptability test of Imported Variety and Isolated cultivation test for LMO(Living Modified Organism) varieties.
Examination of the Applied Variety for plant variety protection
  • Examination of requirements for variety protection right (Novelty, Distinctiveness, Uniformity, Stability, Denomination)
  • Establishment and revision of Test Guideline(TG) for entitled plant genera and species
  • Registration and management of granted variety protection right
  • Publication of official Gazette
Collection and conservation of example varieties and granted varieties
  • Collection and characterization for variety of common knowledge
  • Management of registered varieties and reported varieties for production and selling
  • Facilitation of R&D for long-term reservation, management and restoration of varieties
Arbitration of dispute by special test
  • Biochemical, molecular biological and DNA analytical characterization of variety
  • Development of DNA marker for identification of variety in circulation
  • Arbitration of dispute by DNA marker

Staff in Charge

Examination Supporting Division
Name Tel E-mail
Dr. Yang, Byeong hun +82-43-850-3324 rubus250@korea.kr
Dr. Lee, Ro Young +82-43-580-3325 rubus250@korea.kr
Dr. Song, Hyun Jin +82-43-580-3326 hyunjin617@forest.go.kr
Dr. Kim, Ki Yoon +82-43-850-3349 kky0607@korea.kr
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