Division of Seed & Seedling Management which is consisted of three teams performs tasks to produce improved seeds of forest tree species. Seed testing & Seed quality management team carries out several tasks on test of seed qualities and control of distribution. We take charge with central and branch seed orchards and support Suwon Seed Orchard and Jeju Seed Orchard of Korea Forest Research Institute. In addition, we are in charge of forest genetic resources such as forest seeds, elite tree clones archives and varieties. Genetic resources team is charged with collection, assessment, conservation, management and information of forest genetic resources.

  • Establishment and management of seed orchards
  • Development of technology for production of forest seeds and seedlings
  • To guarantee sound seed trade by testing seeds and managing distribution
  • Establishment of conservation plan & strategy for forest genetic resources and execution of administrative service
  • Examination on characteristics of forest genetic resources
  • Conservation and management of forest genetic resources
  • Operation of information system of forest genetic resources
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