Forest trees, as forest resources, require systematical management of seeds due to the long period of growth and strong dependence on nature.In order to minimize economic loss by using bad seeds. Management & Distribution team performs several tasks on revision of laws and rules, inspection on seed qualities and control of distribution.It aims for managing the forest seeds meeting the standards of OECD or ISTA(Internaitonal Seed Testing Association) and laying the foundation for sound trade of seeds.

Major Tasks

Development of Technology for Production of Forest Seeds and Seedlings and Improvement of Laws and Rules
  • To set up the standard of selecting seed stands to produce genetically good seeds
  • To support revision of laws of nurture and manage forest resources

To Guarantee seed Qualities by Testing Seeds and Managing Distribution

  • To build up standards of seed quality and the period of seed warranty
  • To strengthen the record system that helps track the provenances where seeds were collected for reforestation.
  • To perform tasks of distribution, management, supervision, adaptability test of an imported variety.

Staff in Charge

Staff in Charge
Name Tel E-mail
Dr. Kim, Young Mi +82-43-850-3379 ymalfm@korea.kr
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