Forest genetic resources are not only core elements that consist forest ecosystem, but also biological resources for present and future generation. Korea Forest Seed and Variety Center is in charge of forest genetic resources such as forest seeds, elite tree clones archives and varieties which are necessary to develop forest resources. Genetic resources team is charged with collection, assessment, conservation, management and information of forest genetic resources.

Major Tasks

Establishment of Conservation Plan & Strategy for Forest Genetic Resources and Execution of Administrative Service
  • To study laws and rules related with conservation of forest genetic resources.
  • To establish action plans on conservation, management, evaluation and
    informatization of forest genetic resources which belong to Korea Forest Seed & Variety Center.
  • To execute administrative services concerned with parcel out of seeds/varieties and approval
    of transferring forest genetic resources to foreign countries.

Examination on Characteristics of Forest Genetic Resources

  • To examine the characteristics such as genetic traits and diversity of plus tree clones, varieties and forest seeds.
  • To make DNA profiling of varieties and plus tree clones

Conservation and Management of Forest Genetic Resources

  • To conserve plus tree clones and varieties which have been collected from domestic and foreign countiries on clonal archives or seed orchard in the form of ex situ conservation
  • To operate seed banks in order to conserve seeds from orchards and seed stands

Operation of Information System of Forest Genetic Resources

  • To provide information about characteristics and states of conservation and management of forest genetic resources belong to Korea Forest Seed & Variety Center
  • To establish and operate information system of forest genetic Resources that enable Korea Forest Seed & Variety Center to perform online administrative service as to an application for sale of forest genetic resources and an approval of external carry out of forest genetic resources

Staff in Charge

Staff in Charge
Name Tel E-mail
Dr. Joo, Hye Joon +82-43-850-3347 joon0919@korea.kr
Park, Dong Jin +82-43-850-3361 djp0903@korea.kr
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