The Northern Regional Office of Forest Service is actively communicating and collaborating with Seoul, Gyeonggi Province and 74 cities and towns in the western, inland region of Gangwon Province to establish a new framework for forest administration. It is also taking a leading role in implementing various forest policies, including forest disaster management, forest resource management, and forest welfare.

Forests are critically important as they serve as the premier destination for relaxation and healing sought by many citizens annually, meeting public expectations and preparing for climate change by striving for carbon neutrality.

The Northern Regional Office of Forest Service will strive to promote the overall national interest through the enhancement of government-owned functions and the development of local communities. We will endeavor to contribute to national economic development and the improvement of public welfare through efficient management of government-owned forests.

Furthermore, we will strengthen cooperation with relevant agencies to exert efforts in safely protecting the lives and properties of the citizens from forest disasters.

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