The Eastern Regional Office of Forest Service manages 385,000ha of national forests, which span from Goseng in the North to Taebak and Yeong-wol in the South. The region has varied forest ecosystems giving the Baekdudaegan area as a spinal ridge of the country; our office fulfils a pivotal role in terms of forest management.

The nation's best forest resources such as the luxurious Daegwallyeong Upright Korean Red Pine Forest, the natural deciduous forest of Gariwansan Mountain, the larch forest of Yukbaeksan Mountain and the afforestation area of white pine in the Manggeongdaesan Mountain attract over 450,000 visitors annually by providing infrastructures under the name of "green forest welfare services" including information centre of Daegwallyeong Forest Therapy, the National Mountaineering Museum and the National Mountaineering School.

Under the vision of "Forest Economy with quality jobs", "Forest Welfare for all" and "Forest ecosystem for people and nature", all staff in the office will put our endeavor to promote the forests as core resources for citizens' everyday life and national economic growth.

My fellow visitors who love forests and woods!

We truly expect our brand new website to serve you as a window for providing information as well as to hear your opinions carefully.

Thank you.

Lee Sangick

Director General of Eastern Regional Office of Forest Service

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