The Southern Regional Office of Forest Service manages National Forest Stations in the Yeongnam Region, having two islands, three metropolitan cities and 29 districts, reaching from Uljin-gun, North Gyeongsang Province to Gadeokdo, Busan and Ullengdo. The Office also covers a number of valuable forest resources, including Baekdudaegan and the communities of Upright Korean red pines in Sogwang-ri, Uljin.

Over the past half century, Korea has made every effort to enhance and protect forest resources, which wear beautiful colors in every re expecting your season. These forests are now the shelter of wild animals and plants.

Also, we open some forests to show citizens nature’s true beauty and save others to secure enormous benefit from forests for citizens. At the same time, we are putting the greatest effort into job creation and economic growth in mountain villages and local communities to enhance the quality of life of citizens and foresters.

We hope that this website is a window to communicate with all of you and provides quality information on forests to you.

We are expecting your warm attention and participation. Thank you.

Cho, Byung-Chol

Director General of South Regional Office of Forest Service

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