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The Southern Regional Office of Forest Service communicates and cooperates with Busan, Daegu, Ulsan metropolitan cities, and Gyeongsangnam-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do to play a leading role in various forest policies such as preventing and responding to forest disasters, creating forest resources, efficient management of forests, and expanding forest welfare services.

First, we will protect the lives and property of the people from various forest disasters such as forest fires, landslides, and forest pests through active and preemptive prevention and rapid and effective response.

Second, we will preserve excellent forest resources in the jurisdiction, including the Geumgang Pine Tree Ecological Management Forest, and promoting forest carbon offset projects for ESG management to realize sustainable forest management.

Third, we will provide forest welfare services where people can rest safely and comfortably by expanding various forest welfare facilities such as East-West Trails, Healing Forest, Forest Leports Promotion Center, and Forest Campground.

Fourth, with the expansion of the Serious Accident Punishment Act, the management supervisor will take the center stage to improve harmful risk factors and improve safety and health awareness to create a safe forest workplace.

The Southern Regional Office of Forest Service will continue to provide useful information on forest sites and people's lives by using this website as a communication channel with the public.

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