Scientists point out the conservation and effective management of forests are the best among many solutions to address global environment issues, including climate change. In this regard, what we are doing is find our own ways of promoting forest conservation and sustainable forest management, create diverse forest-related jobs based on the government’s keynote and provide quality forest welfare service.

Under the vision of the Sixth Regional Forest Plan of “healthy forests for wealthy life,” we are making forests more valuable and healthier, contributing the healthy production of domestic wood resources to economic growth and utilizing domestic resources to produce eco-friendly resources to enhance lifestyle.

Moreover, to make a just Korea for the people, we are putting great effort into communicating with citizens and realizing a transparent and smart government through government innovation.

We hope that this website works as a bridge to communicate with you and actively provides news on Korea’s forests.

Your warm attention and participation are always welcomed. Thank you.

Park hyeon jae

Director General of Central Regional Office of Forest Service

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