Korean Green Literature Award

This contest has been held since 2012 to find and award literary works that have contributed to greening people’s minds with such themes as the value and importance of loving forests, respecting life, and conserving the green environment.

General Overview of the Contest

  • Number of Winners: 1∼2 person(up to 2 co-winners)
  • Prize : 30 million KRW
  • Genres of Literature : poetry, traditional three-verse Korean poetry, children’s poetry, fiction, drama, essay
    • Entry Criteria : a book or a collection of books that were published for the first time within the last three years in the above-listed genres of literature(poetry, traditional three-verse Korean poetry, children’s poetry, fiction, drama, essay)
  • Themes : emphasis on the value and importance of “loving forests, respecting life, conserving the green environment, and greening people’s minds”
  • Candidate Nomination : open to anyone including professional authors(self-nomination or nomination by others)

Past Award Winners

Past Award Winners

this is Past Award Winners table.

Annual Awards (Year) Author Title
1st (2012) Park Hi-jin (Poet) Poetry “Mountain, Waterfall, Pavilion, Pine Tree”
2nd (2013) Hyon Kir-on (Novelist) Novel “The Kingdom of the Forest”
3rd (2014) Jo Byung-moo (Poet) Poetry “Encounters with the Forest”
Lee Yong-jik (Novelist) Novel “Wind Blowing in the Cypress Forest”
4th (2015) Kin Hu-ran (Poet) Poetry “The Secret Forest”
5th (2016) Lee Soon-won(Novelist) Novel “A Tree that Has Been My Friend for 100 Years”
6th (2017) Rim Poe(Poet) Poetry “Question and Answer on the Mount”
Kim Ho-woon(Novelist) Medium-length novel “The Dalahest from a Swedish Forest”
7th (2018) Cho Yon-hwan (Poet) Poetry “You, My Fringetree Friend!”
Hong Sung-am (Novelist) Novel “The Forest of the Hansong Temple”
8th (2019) Lee Byung-chul (Poet) Poetry “For the Numinous Animal”
Chung Du-ri (Poet) Children’s poetry “The Tree that Came from the Stars”
9th (2020) Kwon Dal-woong(Poet) PPoetry “Dreaming Water”
Kong Kwang-kyu(Poet) Poetry “Epic Poem Mt. Geumgang”
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