The 6th National Forest Plan (2018~2037)

The 6th National Forest Plan is established with a vision of 'Commercial forest that creates jobs,' 'Welfare-rich forest enjoyed by all,' and 'Ecological forest for people and nature.' In specific, the plan envisions to provide quality jobs by utilizing healthy forests through forest resource cycle, to develop people-centered policies for sustainable forest management to contribute to enhance the quality of life of people.

By developing commercial forests, the KFS aims to create quality jobs, form a healthy and safe environment for living, and provide clean forest products to people. Through welfare-rich forests, the KFS will enhance the life quality of people by expanding forest welfare services such as urban forests, forest education, forest recreation, forest leisure, and forest healing. In terms of ecological forests, the KFS will make forests a place for people and nature to co-exist. Also, the KFS make efforts to manage safe forests to protect the people from forest fires and landslides.

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