Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP)

  • The Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP) is a multilateral partnership for forests to promote the implementation of the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use, and was officially established on the occasion of the 27th session of the UNFCCC COP in December 2022. The FCLP, consisting of a secretariat and 32 member countries as of January 2024, aims to stimulate political interest and support for international issues related to forests and land use and seeks to develop and implement initiatives that support climate change response in the forestry sector for developing countries.
    * Official FCLP Website: https://forestclimateleaders.org/
Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use
  • The Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use, endorsed by 140 countries, was announced at the 26th session of the UNFCCC COP held in November 2021 to collectively strive to prevent forest loss and degradation and work towards forest restoration by 2030.

Global Forest Finance Pledge (GFFP)

  • During UNFCCC COP26, 12 developed countries announced the Global Forest Finance Pledge (GFFP) committing to collectively provide USD 12 billion in official development assistance (ODA) for tropical forest conservation and restoration from 2021 to 2025. The donors include the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, the United States, the European Union, Germany, Canada, and the Republic of Korea; they release an annual progress report summarizing the achievements of meeting the pledged amounts.

Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT Dialogue)

  • The Forest Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT Dialogue) is a partnership that promotes sustainable production and trade, and prevents deforestation caused by production and consumption of agricultural and forestry products in developing countries to protect forests and major ecosystems. Co-chaired by the UK and Indonesia, the FACT Dialogue is engaged in discussions, activities, research, and other areas according to the FACT Roadmap.
    * Official FACT Dialogue Website: https://www.factdialogue.org

Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP)

  • The Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) is a partnership dedicated to the protection of forests in the Congo Basin, which is the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon, and responding to the biodiversity crises. CBFP involves 10 Central African countries, the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC), donor countries, private enterprises, international organizations, NGOs, and a total of 125 member countries and institutions.

Mountain Partnership (MP)

  • Established with support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Italian government, the Swiss government, and others on the occasion of the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in 2002, the Mountain Partnership (MP) is an international partnership that responds to mountain-related issues and conducts activities to promote the Sustainable Mountain Development (SMD).
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