The 5th National Forest Plan (2008~2017)

Based on foundations and frameworks established under the Fourth Plan, The 5th National Forest Plan has been designed to further expand the implementation of sustainable forest management in pursuit of maximizing forest functions. Expecially the Plan highlights the importance of forest functions in responding to climate change, In implementing the Plan, the KFS continues to establish a foundation for a sustainable welfare society by developing environmental and social resources, and to pursue forest related industries as blue ocean strategy.

The KFS focuses on promoting systematic implementation of forest conservation and management, fitting for the purpose of achieving well-balanced land development and conservation. It also plays a central role in natural disaster prevention efforts, which is improving ecosystem health and vitality and contributing to public safety and environment conservation. It further highlights forest's recreational and cultural functions for improving quality of life and living environments both in urban areas and mountain villages as well as providing welfare benefits for the people.

The overall vision of the Fifth Plan is "to realize a green nation with sustainable welfare and growth" by sustainably managing forests as key resources for strengthening nation's economic development, land conservation and improved quality of life.

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