Jurok-ri Village in Yeoju
Jurok-ri Village in Yeoju
This is the village that tries to teach children the value of Nature and the root of ourselves, and offer adults a comfortable resting place. It takes pride in its uncontaminated mountains, waters and food. Also it provides a shelter for families to enjoy the warmth of nature whenever they want to get away form hard world. This is where fresh air, green forest and refreshing wind stop by and stay.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • sweet potato
  • Food
    • Cheonseo-ri buckwheat noodles, freshwater fish spicy soup

Sorisan (Mt.), Saneum recreation forest, Ginkgo of Yongmunsa, Moga Museum, Queen Myeongseong's birthplace, Royal Tomb of Sejong the Great King


farming experience, mushroom picking, acorn jelly making, traditional games (stream bath, net fishing, loach fishing)


5 mountain huts, 8 families


Han Cheolgeun, jurok-ri, Geumsa-myeon, Yeoju
+82-31-883-0529, 017-377-5290
homepage : www.julokfarm.com

How to get there

Jungbu Expressway (for Gwangju, Gonjiam) -- Gonjiam IC (for Yicheon) -- passing Kim's Village, an overpass -- intersection in Gonjiam (left turn to Yangpyeong) -- 15 minute driving on National Road No. 98 (passing 2 SK gas stations) -- intersection in Manseon-ri (for Yangpyeong-ri) via Oil Bank, Rexfield Golf Course -- right turn to Yeoju -- to the Dongbu Fire Insurance Company Study and Training Center -- Pass along the ridge of the entry into the center -- Arrive at Jurok resting place

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